Company Performance Measurement by Sample Budget Application

  • Mehmet Sagdic Lecturer, Honaz Vocational School
  • Tanzer Celikturk Lecturer, Honaz Vocational School


Today, the competitive environment of the trade companies, the gaining of the economic scale of the firms and the deepening of the globalization in economic sphere have made the future more ambiguous for trade companies. This complex environment has led companies facing profit to face serious risks on the other hand. In Turkey, we can often refer to a structure that is severely depressed by family businesses. Most of these companies are not institutionalized, especially in the small to medium-sized ones. The concept of institutionalization is often perceived as the execution of jobs by professionals. In this regard, however, the company's board of directors is reluctant to transfer authority and does not transfer its authorities to professionals. It is not possible for institutionalization to take place in this form of a profound structure. As a result, it is unfortunate that these firms deserve concepts such as future planning, strategic planning, financial planning and budgeting. Implementing business budgets, a tool that helps strategic planning and the company achieve its future goals, has a vital proposition in terms of businesses. Because if you do not have a goal, it is unclear where you will be in the future. As a result, in this paper it is expected that more than one sample budget to be prepared in different scenarios will contribute to the evaluation of firm performance.


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Sagdic, M., & Celikturk, T. (2017). Company Performance Measurement by Sample Budget Application. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 13(10).