Upbringing Problems in Society

  • Anita Lidaka Liepaja University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Latvia
  • Svetlana Lanka Liepaja University, Institute of Educational Sciences, Latvia


Any member of a society, who is looking into future, wants to be happy and safe. The new generation is the one that will be able to make the world lighter and more ethical. The time of childhood includes in itself the need to shape an autonomous moral, so the personality would be able to take responsibility for their further life and behaviour. When living in a society, a child is exposed to the developments in the society. It is also influenced by the social environment, which itself is exposed to profound changes. Upbringing is a purposeful process of internal and external conditions of life activity affected the process by which children develop and implement personally important attitudes towards themselves, other people, nature, culture, work, society and the state, acquiring the necessary competence for independent work. The theoretical and practical knowledge heritage is rich, but the rapid political and economic changes in Latvia significantly in recent years has been influenced by social and pedagogical processes, at the same time undermining the qualitative aspects of upbringing and every individual of the society - children and adults - development and training opportunities, individual aspects of the process of self-education, creating social interaction process complicated problem being solved, internal contradictions, conflicts and clashes, conflicts, reducing the growth of personality and motivation to improve. The above factors encourage research to address upbringing issues in a diverse social context within the laws of actualizing personal development, education and self-education process analysis, emphasizing the complexity of this process, inconsistency of the conflicting nature of the development of educational and correctional alternatives and strategies for pedagogy to address changing in the society.


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