Dr. Driss Bouyahya

University Moulay Ismail, Morocco

Email: dbouyahya@yahoo.com

Dr. Driss Bouyahya is an Associate Professor at School of Arts & Humanities in Moulay Ismail University, Meknes Morocco. He holds a Ph.D degree in Political Islam and Political Communication. His fields of interest are Religious Studies, Sociology of Religion, Intercultural Communication, Cultural studies (Including Jewish Cultural studies), Political Islam, Literary Criticism, Pedagogy and Post-Colonial Studies.

He has several publications, such as Islam-Oriented Parties´ ideologies and Political Communication in Quest for Power in Morocco with Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2015), Sufism & Religious Tourism (2017), Islamist Movements in Morocco & their Typology, Is Islam as an Ideology? How & Why? (2014) The Culinary and the Clash of Civilizations in the Travelogues´ Narratives, Al-farabi´s Dualism in his Writings and Language (2019), The Culinary and Clash of Civilizations (2020), The Notion of Space within Diverse Fields of Cognizance (2021) among others.