Dr. Brian Sloboda
University of Maryland, USA

Email: bsloboda@email.phoenix.edu
Orcid: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0007-1725

Dr. Brian W Sloboda is trained in economics with specializations labor and monetary economics. He is also a Professional Accredited Statistician® via the American Statistical Association. His teaching interests in recent years include data analytics, advanced statistical methods, and managerial economics. His research interests include regional and transportation economics, economic growth, and finance.

He earned his BA degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Rowan University (New Jersey), his MS degree in Economics from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL), and his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale, IL).

He is currently an economist at the US Department of Labor and teaches part-time at the University of Maryland, Global Campus, and the University of Phoenix. He was also an associate research chair for the Center of Management and Entrepreneurship (CME) at the University of Phoenix, where he directed research in management and entrepreneurship as well as coordinated with other research centers. He co-edited with Yaya Sissoko, Applied Econometric Analysis: Emerging Research and Opportunities, (IGI Global Publishers) in July 2020. He also co-edited with Chandra Putcha and Siddharth Rana, Interacting Factors Between Physical Health, Mental Health, and A Long Quality Life (Balboa Press) in June 2019.