ESI Preprints

ESI Preprints

In July 2022, the European Scientific Institute, ESI launched its Preprint platform in order to accelerate the dissemination of research.

A preprint is a piece of research that has not yet been peer-reviewed and published in a journal. In most cases, they can be considered final drafts or working papers. ESI Preprints is a multidisciplinary preprint platform that makes scientific manuscripts from all fields of research immediately available. 

The preprints will be available on and


Authors can use the ESI OJS platform to submit their preprints. However, submission in Microsoft Word is acceptable to or Authors will be asked to fill out a submission form including the consent for posting the preprint on our platforms. Make sure you have read the instructions for authors before submitting. 


All preprints undergo a short screening before being put online. This process takes less than 48 hours in most cases. Screening includes checks for basic scientific content, plagiarism check, author background, and compliance with ethical standards. It is carried out by the ESI preprint staff, with the support of the ESJ editorial office.

Post Online

Preprints that pass the screening process are posted online in open access format under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. This gives maximum visibility to authors while ensuring that they are properly recognized for their work. Once online, preprints can be downloaded, shared, and cited.


Posted preprints are registered with Crossref to receive a digital object identifier (DOI). This means that they are citable. Details on how to cite are included on the abstract page of the preprint.

If the preprint is published in a journal, we will link directly to the journal version from the abstract page and PDF, making sure that readers have access to the latest version.

In order to protect the integrity of the citation record, preprints assigned a DOI are only withdrawn under exceptional circumstances. These circumstances are outlined in our Instructions for Authors.

Update and Repost

With preprints, authors are in control of when their work appears. If they want to change or add to the paper, they can submit a new version at any time. To ensure that citations are not affected, preprints assigned a DOI will have a new DOI issued for each version.

Preprint Processing Charges

ESI Preprint is a self-sustained and non for profit platform. In order to cover the operating costs, we set low-level processing charges.

Accepted preprints are assessed at a Processing Charge of 97 Euros (or USD equivalent). The Preprint Processing Charge supports operating costs, screening, website maintenance, archiving, DOI assignment, etc.

However, if after the peer review, a preprint is accepted for publication in an ESI journal, it will be published free of charge.