• Tullia Gianoncelli Contract Professor, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy


This paper would be a contribution that connects the ethnographic and education work, anthropology and pedagogy. Through a three-step it builds the connection between ethnographic research carried out, starting from the sound phenomenology of a particular urban context, and seminars designed for university students of Education Sciences. In summary are presented those fundamental theoretical principles underpinning ethnographic research and are also the bases of the proposals seminars. Then it presents some methodological issues that characterize the construction of shared ethnographies: the relations established in the field with interlocutors activate processes of building knowledge and skills for both the ethnographer and the interlocutors. These educational modalities form the basis of the proposals seminars. The sensory approach and in particular the listening modes of the place allow you to access a different epistemology and therefore constitute an extension of skills. The seminars activities carried out in the same context of ethnographic research require students to test themselves and actively participate in the proposals offered. At the same time allows applying the theoretical constructs - learned in the classroom and on books - trough experience and into reality of the context as it unfolds. This allows experiencing a real connection between theory and practice.


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Gianoncelli, T. (2013). SOUNDS OF PLACES BETWEEN ETHNOGRAPHY AND EDUCATION. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 9(19).