• Marsela Harizaj Department of Foreign Language Teaching, University “Ismail Qemali” Vlore, Albania


This paper brings in focus the importance of using discussion in EFL. Being an international language, English plays an important and crucial role in many people’s life. It is used for different purposes in social, education and social life of people. For this reason, English language students try to acquire, use and master it as much as possible to be effective speakers. English language teachers should provide students to frequently interactive activities in their classrooms. Students feel secure, motivated and willingly participate. In student -centered classes language is primarily a tool of communication. Communication implies interaction and this is done through speaking and interacting with each other. Communication and a supportive atmosphere in our English classes are essential for students’ acquisition. The success of this depends on teacher’s skill. Good teaching requires an understanding of both individual and group methods. Teacher’s goals are to support and give the opportunity to promote speaking through free expression of ideas and thinking. English language students at university sometimes find themselves better in cooperating rather than individual work. Using group and discussion methods promote speaking, language acquisition and an active learning.


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