Translating Humor: A Case of Censorship vs. Social Translation

  • A.Sirin Okyayuz Bilkent University, Turkey


In Turkey, as in the case of other countries, due to developments in technology and the rise of the ‘social translation’ sector, audiences have the opportunity to watch TV shows, including sitcoms, with Turkish subtitles on a multitude of platforms. Although some of these platforms are TV channels, there are also alternatives presented by Internet sites. By virtue of the fact that there are different subtitlers of the same show, it becomes beneficial to study the work of professional translators vs. social translators, to understand their constraints and realities, as well as the differences between them. This study provides a comparative analysis of the two, within the context of the American sitcom Two and a Half Men.


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Okyayuz, A. (2016). Translating Humor: A Case of Censorship vs. Social Translation. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 12(8), 204.