Violencia Familiar En Una Empresa Mexicana Del Sector Maquilador

  • Patricia A. Araiza Zapata Universidad Autonóma de Chihuahua.
  • Mario Carrera Ramos Universidad Autonóma de Chihuahua.
  • Alma Rosa Araiza Zapata Universidad Autonóma de Chihuahua.


In the actuality the violence against women can produce a big amount of negative effects in which they bring the decrease or as well the destruction of labor productivity, as it may generate invisible costs for the organizations. The objective of the research is in order to determinate the viability of implementing a internal supportive program, aimed to woman that are victims of domestic violence in an industrial company of Chihuahua City, and being in the possibility of minimizing the labor consequences of the women affected by domestic violence. The applied methodology was made with a design research no experimental, transversal and with mixed nature, as it counted with the appliance of a measure instrument that consists in a survey where the resulting information was that inside of the organization theres a lot of women that has been part or are part of domestic violence. It was also found that 73 % of female staff operating level primarily suffer from domestic violence , these women match on the need to implement support programs, which would be of great benefit to them in their personal and working life . The impact created at work can be seen reflected in: delays, truancy, permits, rescinding his contract , shift change , labor accidents and disclaimers. The domestic violence that could be presented in different ways either : sexual, physical, psychological or financial.


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Zapata, P. A. A., Ramos, M. C., & Zapata, A. R. A. (2016). Violencia Familiar En Una Empresa Mexicana Del Sector Maquilador. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 12(23), 11.