Prevalencia De Sobrepeso U Obesidad En Escolares De Una Población Urbana Del Estado De Jalisco, México

  • Gómez-Delgado Guillermo Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Gutierrez-Villalobos Paola T. Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Viveros-Paredes Juan M. Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Pérez Vega María Isabel Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Miranda Beltrán María de la Luz Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Cesar Soria Fregoso Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México
  • Gutiérrez-Coronado Oscar Universidad de Guadalajara/CULAGOS, México


Introduction. Urban populations in Mexico have not escaped the influence of today's world with an increase in sedentary lifestyles and inadequate food consumption patterns. These conditions have exacerbated the emerging and alarming problem of overweight and obesity in the country. Objective. To diagnose the nutritional status and determine the overweight and obesity prevalence in children between ages of 5 to 14 years of an urban community in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Material and methods. Through a cross-sectional study, 188 students were evaluated. Weight and height were measured and compared with reference standards of the World Health Organization, the values obtained from the measurement of waist circumference percentiles were compared with the percentile charts made by Fernandez et al, 2004. Results. The combined prevalence of overweight and obesity in the total population was 36.7% (n = 69); in males the prevalence was 20.7% (12.2% for overweight and 8.5% for obesity) and in females was 16% (9.6% and 6.4%, respectively). Children from the fifth and sixth grade had a higher prevalence of both overweight and obesity. Conclusions. Our study shows the current nutritional problems manifested in urban areas, which is accentuated on children with higher increase between the 5th and 6th grades.


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Guillermo, G.-D., Paola T., G.-V., Juan M., V.-P., María Isabel, P. V., María de la Luz, M. B., Fregoso, C. S., & Oscar, G.-C. (2016). Prevalencia De Sobrepeso U Obesidad En Escolares De Una Población Urbana Del Estado De Jalisco, México. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 12(23), 62.