Several Chaotic Analysis of Lorenz System

  • Md. Shakhawat Alam Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Department of Basic Science, World University of Bangladesh
  • Payer Ahmed Department of Mathematics, Jagannath University, Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh


This paper aim to describe a number of simplifications that can be made to the Lorenz system that preserve its dynamics as well as a number of chaotic systems. The butterfly effect was proven. The solution of differential equation and Lorenz Attractor were investigated. This study compares the dynamical behaviors of the Lorenz system with complex variables to that of the standard Lorenz system involving real variables. Different methodologies, including the Lyapunov exponents spectrum, the bifurcation diagram, the first return map to the Poincare section, topological entropy, periodic and quasi- periodic phase portraits, and chaotic behavior of the resulting system were discussed in Matlab.


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Alam, M. S., & Ahmed, P. (2017). Several Chaotic Analysis of Lorenz System. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 13(9), 438.