Strategic Planning Process to Company Performance

  • Sisay Te’ame Desta Jigjiga University, Jigjiga, Ethiopia


Strategic planning process is important for strategic management of companies. Organizations from both private and public sector are increasingly embracing the practice of strategic planning process in anticipation that this will translate to improved performance. Past studies have mainly focused on the direct relationship between strategic planning and performance and did not give attention to the specific steps that make up the strategic planning process. The manner and extent to which each of the steps is practiced could have implications on the expected strategic planning results. This study set out to examine strategic planning process to firm performance giving attention to the strategic planning steps. Furthermore, it contributes to understand the nature and practice of strategic planning process in Ethiopian companies. To achieve this objective, descriptive type of research was employed in Dire Dawa National Cement. Descriptive type of research design helps to depict accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situation and group.


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Desta, S. T. (2019). Strategic Planning Process to Company Performance. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 15(22), 165.