Education Functions and Knowledge: Philosophy in Islam

  • Abdulaziz Omar A. Jughaiman King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Philosophy, Education, Religion, Language, Artificial Intelligence


This paper focuses on exploring the functions of education and the concept of knowledge in Islam. The importance of human intelligence compared to artificial intelligence and the importance of language in education is also discussed. This paper further examined phenomena, true concepts, the concepts of ideology and suggested definitions. It used Quran verses, measurements, and deduction methods along with morphological, semantic, and grammar analysis. It also used philosophical interpretations, scientific discoveries, logical values, and symbols such as if-then-or-and-no. This paper discovered that the function of education in Islam takes the environment into consideration. It depends on reward and punishment, and upon the principle of what is harmful and what is not. It entails the setting up to gain the confidence necessary for education in addition to other fundamental educational functions such as repetition, orderliness, accomplishment, manners of consumption and aesthetics appreciation, etc. The study also highlighted the importance of using competent language and honest artificial intelligence in education. It further discovered that Islam encourages scientific curriculum and accepts scientific explanations for general descriptions. It was suggested that Islam should require an electoral process for imam or teacher and ethical materials within the curriculum. This paper is of the opinion that knowledge is an interpretation, and the search for it is endless, while visions are phenomena. This paper therefore suggests explanations and definitions for many important concepts that will contribute to a better understanding of many phenomena in education, ethics, language, and artificial intelligence.


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Jughaiman, A. O. A. (2020). Education Functions and Knowledge: Philosophy in Islam. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 16(5), 120.