Online Shopping: A Survey on Consumer Buying Behavior in Bangladesh

  • Sraboni Ahmed Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Textile Engineering, Northern University Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Shayekh Munir Assistant Professor, Dept. of Textile Management and Business Studies, Bangladesh University of Textiles, Bangladesh
  • Tamjida Islam Department of Wet Process Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles, Bangladesh
Keywords: Bangladesh, Customer, Attitudes, Consumer Behavior, Online Shopping


Consumer attitudes and behavior have shifted dramatically all across the world as a result of the internet. Online shopping has emerged as a result of this trend, and it has had a significant impact on the lives of regular young people. Even though online purchases have been around in Bangladesh for a long time, consumers, particularly senior individuals, are not very interested in doing so. A self-constructed online survey of 150 Bangladeshi respondents was used in this study to try to understand customer behavior regarding online buying. According to the report, the vast majority of customers order online and thus save time and access a wider range of services and products. Males, as well as females, have roughly similar attitudes on online shopping: they prefer home delivery and oppose inadequate return policies. Typically, they gather online shopping information via social media and cash-on-delivery is a popular method of purchasing apparel and accessories. Consumers are particularly concerned about the safety of the payment system, and they are not interested in using credit or debit cards to shop. This study also revealed that consumers' favorable experiences with online shopping are uneven.


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