The Application and Existing Problems of Questioning Teaching Method in Elementary Chinese Language Teaching in Cambodia

  • Meng Poly Shanghai International Studies University, China
Keywords: Inquiry-based teaching method; Cambodia; Elementary Chinese language instruction; Teacher questioning strategies


This article thoroughly investigates the application and issues of questioning-based pedagogy in primary Chinese language teaching in Cambodia, and proposes practical solutions to address these issues. Drawing on a comprehensive review of previous research findings and personal teaching experience, this article delves into the strategies and forms of classroom questioning in Chinese language teaching, and provides a detailed analysis of the actual challenges faced by Cambodian learners of Chinese when asking questions in class. Through quantitative statistics and contextual analysis, this article comprehensively describes and deeply analyzes the current status of questioning in Chinese language classrooms in Cambodia, and puts forth a series of specific recommendations to address the existing issues in questioning practices in primary Chinese language classrooms in Cambodia. The aim is to provide practical assistance to Chinese language teachers and researchers in this field, and to promote continuous improvement in Chinese language teaching in Cambodia.


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