Participation of Georgian Local Authorities in the Process of Hospital Care Reforms

  • Ana Tegetashvili Griogol Robakidze University, School of Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Otar Gerzmava Griogol Robakidze University, School of Medicine, Tbilisi, Georgia
Keywords: Local self-government, Hospital care reform, powers, Georgia


The article addresses power distribution issues within the context of scientific discourse and explores potential solutions to be implemented by local authorities in the realm of Hospital Care reforms in Georgia, particularly in the conditions of authority decentralization. The significance of addressing this scientific issue stems from the financial challenges faced by many communities, especially in economically depressed Georgian regions. Prior to the reform, the network of hospital facilities relied on subsidies from higher-level budgets.

The methodological approach involves the use of desk research, secondary analysis of literary, research, and analytical sources, along with regulatory methods. The research spans from 1991 to 2022, focusing on the power of local self-governments, both their inherent powers and those delegated to them, given that almost 60% of medical services are provided at the territorial community level.

The article presents empirical analysis results regarding the distribution of financial power in the new model of Hospital care management. It demonstrates that, fundamentally, the new model remains budget-funded, consistent with the pre-reform structure. The research empirically and theoretically supports the assertion that the overall direction of reforms has been appropriately chosen, a sentiment echoed by positive assessments from international experts.

The findings of the research can be valuable for local authorities representing the interests of territorial communities and for local executive authorities involved in the implementation of these reforms. Additionally, the research aligns with Georgia's commitment to the path towards European integration changes.

This process is developing very slowly in Georgia. This is a loss of opportunity to raise the standard of living of local communities.


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Tegetashvili, A., & Gerzmava, O. (2024). Participation of Georgian Local Authorities in the Process of Hospital Care Reforms. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 20(37), 262.