The Legal Dimension of the Formation and Function of the Hellenic Supremes Councils for Marine Accidents

  • Tryfon Ch. Korontzis Rear Admiral of the Hellenic Coast Guard (ret) Collaborating Teaching Staff/Hellenic Open University Programme Leader of Shipping and Maritime Studies, Metropolitan College (Hellas-Attica-Marousi), Greece Professor at the Hellenic National Security College/Hellenic Police Academy
Keywords: Marine Accident, Hellenic Supremes Councils for Marine Accidents (S.C.M.A.), Hellenic Coast Guard (H.C.G), Hellenic Service for Marine Accidents Investigation (S.M.A.I.), Ministry of Mercantile Marine (M.M.M.)


Shipping is perhaps the largest industry globally, transporting more than 90% of the world's trade efficiently and safely. Ships, given their activity on a global scale, are subject to different legal regimes. However, marine accidents with adverse consequences for the environment and people still occur. Hellas, as a country with a strong maritime tradition and with one of the largest shipping companies in the world since the 70s, has established a special legislative framework for the investigation of marine accidents with the Act Decree (A.D.) 712/1970 (A΄ 237). This special legislative process will be critically examined in this brief study.


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