• Rifat O. Shannak Associate Professor of MIS, Chairman of MIS Department Faculty of Business, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
  • Ra'ed M. Masa'deh Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems MIS Department, Faculty of Business, Amman, Jordan
  • “Mohammad Ali” Akour Assistant Professor of Information Systems, IS Department Faculty of Information Technology, Al –albayt University, Mafrq, Jordan


Earlier and recent scholars (e.g. Mintzberg, 1979; Barney and Hesterly, 2010; Acur et al. 2012) emphasized that strategy building could be seen as a way to achieve organizational goals and objectives, and therefore achieving the organizational vision in order to sustain competitive advantage. However, most studies do not explicitly describe how Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy is formulated and aligned with business strategies (Lee and Chin, 2012). Therefore, the objective of this paper is to discuss the main aspects of Knowledge Management Strategy building in the organizations. The paper discusses the meaning of KM strategy, the methods used to build the strategy, how researchers see the approaches to pursuing an effective KM Strategy in organizations, and what are the new trends in strategy building.


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Shannak, R. O., Masa’deh, R. M., & Akour, “Mohammad A. (2012). KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY BUILDING: LITERATURE REVIEW. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 8(15).