• Abdalraouf M. A. Alsenawi PhD Commercial Law, Legal counsel, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Al-Quds University, Main Campus, Jerusalem- Abu Dies, Palestine
  • Bassam Yousef Ibrahim Banat PhD Sociology (Statistical Methods and Research Techniques), Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sociology, Faculty of Arts, Al-Quds University, Main Campus, Jerusalem- Abu Dies,


This research study has shed light on the perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Palestinian society. A representative stratified sampling survey design which consisted of thirty-seven corporate from the West Bank and Gaza Strip was used in this study. A selfadministered 31-item questionnaire developed by the researchers was used, based on the (Carroll, 1979) CSR model. Findings show that Palestinians have a moderate perception of CSR. They experienced different types of obstacles in its implementation, in addition to the under-reporting of CSR which is widespread. Current statistics revealed that gender, sector, and employees were significant predictors of CSR. Although, different Palestinian sectors are making efforts in the CSR areas, but there is a lot that needs to be done in terms of Palestinians needs and reality.


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