• Enea Mele SAIKON, Greece
  • Eugenia Tsalkitzi SAIKON, Greece
  • Elias Constantos SAIKON, Greece
  • Charalambos Elias TEI of Sterea Ellada, Greece
  • Yannis Koutsoubis TEI of Sterea Ellada, Greece
  • Aphrodite Ktena TEI of Sterea Ellada, Greece
  • Christos Manasis TEI of Sterea Ellada, Greece
  • Christos Tatsiopoulos EPIS, Greece
  • Anna Tatsiopoulou EPIS, Greece


Smartege is an educational application which aims in educating users in the basics of electrical energy consumption and production and engage them in energy saving behavior, techniques and technologies. This is accomplished through the virtual, and eventually actual, management of residential and office buildings equipped with virtual devices and renewable energy sources, with energy specifications borrowed from actual commercial devices, towards the ultimate target of transforming the buildings into net Zero Energy Buildings. Ultimately, Smartege is a gamified application targeting the behavior modification of the users. Its content development follows the persuasive model and uses cognitive learning for the educational component and game mechanics for user motivation and triggering.


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Eugenia Tsalkitzi, SAIKON, Greece
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Mele, E., Tsalkitzi, E., Constantos, E., Elias, C., Koutsoubis, Y., Ktena, A., Manasis, C., Tatsiopoulos, C., & Tatsiopoulou, A. (2015). GAMIFYING ENERGY USER PROFILES. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 11(10). Retrieved from