Private Higher Education In Latvia: Funding And Quality Assurance

  • Zhanna Chernoshtan Baltic International Academy (Latvia)
  • Ludmila Verovska Baltic International Academy (Latvia)


In today's globalizing world the importance of education as an important factor of the development of economy and society in general is increasingly growing. Investing in education now becomes essential for the creation of a long-term economic growth potential and an adequate respond to technological and demographic changes that have a transformative impact on labor markets and employment. The important component of the higher education systems of many countries is formed by private higher education institutions, although in each case they have national specifics. On the one hand, private education has been recognized as such, on the other hand it has not been fully determined yet what place it should occupy as a private actor. The answer to this question largely depends on the ideology and specific policy in the reforms of individual countries.


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Chernoshtan, Z., & Verovska, L. (2016). Private Higher Education In Latvia: Funding And Quality Assurance. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 12(10).