Physiological Interactions Of Calcium And Vitamin D In Colon

  • Ahmed Saber Abu-Zaiton Al-albayt University, Jordan
  • Ahed J Alkhatib Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
  • Suha K Ababneh The University of Jordan, Jordan
  • Faisal Kanaan Department of pathology, King Abdulla University Hospital, Jordan


This study aimed to review the literature about possible physiological interactions of calcium and vitamin D in colon. Previous studies have indicated to protective effects of vitamin D and calcium in case of colon cancers. We wanted to check the physiological effects of both of vitamin D and calcium, and either of each of them alone. We suggested effects of metabolism through induction of changes in the levels of various biomarkers that have influences in carcinogenesis including p53, heat shock proteins, iNOS and WT1 gene.


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Abu-Zaiton, A. S., Alkhatib, A. J., Ababneh, S. K., & Kanaan, F. (2016). Physiological Interactions Of Calcium And Vitamin D In Colon. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 12(24), 49.

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