Schadenfreude And Fashion-Themed Shows On Television

  • Elif Sesen Nigde University School of Communication, Turkey
  • Kazim Ozkan Erturk Nigde University School of Communication, Turkey


Violence which is subject to the lots of television programs such as news, films, serials and even cartoons has been also shown in fashionthemed shows verbal and nonverbal ways so often. Presentation of violence on screen is a big problem but there is another problematic situation as important as it: being delighted by watching the violence. Fashion-themed shows are typical samples of the competitions which symbolic violence is visible. This situation might be explained by the notion of “schadenfreude” which means taking pleasure from pain and misfortune of the other people. Fashion-themed shows which are the example of Reality TV are so popular worldwide and also in Turkey. They are interesting examples of the schadenfreude that has become visible. In this study, expressions of the contestants, jury and presenter will be examined in order to reveal the signs of the pleasure which competitors show when another competitor find herself in a difficult situation and also indicators of the symbolic violence.


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