The Place Of Private Security Services In Turkey And Their Implications For The Near Future

  • Orhan Filiz Pamukkale University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Turkey.


Private security services in Turkey can be said to be institutions which are an assistant of general armlet and emerged to take the preventive measures of public and private places which serves for a special aim exterior to public order and which remains outside of the fundamental tasks given by the law to general (police, gendarme and beach security) and private (municipality, forest protection) armlets. A development, change and specializing is being experienced in the services as a result of legal and public conditions internal security organizations. Because most of the special security jobholders’ essential rights are less than those of general security jobholders’, the statuses of private security jobholders seem lower. The lack of order in private security’s personnel structure also emerges as another reason. From another perspective, the fact that despite general security forces are made up of big organizations, private security forces are made up of small and separate organizations from the point of view of personnel and equipment can be counted too. The biggest organization of security service units is made up of at most 7 or 8 thousand personnel whereas police organization has more than 240 thousand personnel. Behaviours and attitudes between private security and general security forces include more conflict than coordination because of competition, lack of communication, lack of knowledge, insufficiency of education (general security does not get an education about private security) etc…This study aims to reach findings shed light on the near-future status of private security services in Turkey. Results of findings in this study show that private security services will continue to be indispensable for a near future although bearing very troublesome problems.


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