Employment Possibilities For Persons With Disabilities In The Private Sector (Kosovo Case)

  • Ymer Shatri (PhD Candidate)/College for International Management- “GLOBUS” Pristina/ Kosovo
  • Drini Salko Lecturer on Finance at Agricultural University of Tirana /Albania


This research was conducted with the intention of understanding the opportunities for employment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and the potential fields and sectors in which new enterprises will operate in the Peja region of Kosovo. In order to verify these hypotheses and answer the research question this paper is separated into two parts. The first part analyzes the profile of PWDs and was done through some steps. The second part involved analysis over the business environment of the Peja region in order to understand employment possibilities of PWDs in the private sector as well as potential fields and sectors for new enterprises as forms of self employment for PWDs. In this regard several steps were carried: Information gathering from Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Kosovo Tax Administration and Kosovo business registration agency, analysis of business environment, in-depth interviews with 70 registered businesses in the Peja region. These steps not only provided enough numbers, graphs and statistics they also provided qualitative argumentation with regards to PWDs employment in the private sector. The major obstacles faced were: The lack of concrete information on PWDs from employment agencies, non-updated information from KAS, KTA and KBRA and a high number of businesses operating in the informal economy. All findings will be reported in the following paragraphs with reasoning and explanations on the methodology as well.


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