Design of Serial Connected Vacuum Tube Solar Air Collector

  • Recep Külcü Suleyman Demirel University, Turkey


Solar collectors are systems that convert solar energy into heat energy and transfer it to a fluid (liquid or gas). In practice, systems using for produce hot water and hot air. Solar liquid heaters aim to produce the hot water for houses and facilities (such as hotels, sports halls, etc.), while hot air generating systems are widely used for heating living spaces, heating greenhouses and drying agricultural products. Vacuum tubes are now used in liquid heated solar collectors. The thermal efficiency of the vacuum tubes is higher than the flat plate collectors. However, there is no design for the use of vacuum tubes as air heating manifolds. In this study, it was aimed to design an air heating collector using vacuum tubes. In the designed collector, vacuum tubes are connected serial. Thus, it will be ensured that air is produced at high temperature from vacuum tubes.


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Külcü, R. (2017). Design of Serial Connected Vacuum Tube Solar Air Collector. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 13(12).